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DSR, Slovenia

Klemen Dvornik (1977) graduated in film and TV-directing at AGRFT (The Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television) in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Until now, he’s directed more than 500 shows of various genres and more than 20 documentaries, short & full-length films and live concerts and has received nine national and international awards (best film, best documentary, student award, the audience award).He’s been working at the AGRFT since 2010.

In autumn 2017, he was appointed Assistant Professor of television directing.He is currently President of the Alliance of Slovenian Associations of Filmmakers and Chairman of Supervisory Board of AIPA, Collecting Society of Authors, Performers and Film Producers of Audiovisual Works of Slovenia.



Honorary Treasurer

Norwegian Film Makers Association, Norway


Sverre Pedersen has worked in the film and television industry since 1984. He has directed and produced several short films, music videos, commissioned films, TV dramas and one feature film. Though, it is documentary films which has been his main area in film production.

He has made a large number of socially committed documentaries with a focus on international solidarity, nature and culture, cultural heritage, anti-war and anti-racism. 

In 2005 he was elected President of the Norwegian Film Makers Association and for 15 years he has worked primarily with film policies, collective bargaining, conflict resolution, copyright and other areas that fell under his responsibility in the Film Makers Association. 

Now he is working as Campaign and Advocacy Manager in Freemuse, fighting for persecuted and imprisoned artists throughout the world.



ExCo Member

Directors UK, United Kingdom

After university Bill worked for two years on the Fulmar Alpha oil-rig in the North Sea whilst weaning himself off writing dialogue-driven TV dramas like Nailed and lurching towards telling stories with pictures. Creatures of Light, his graduation film from the National Film and Television School won the Chaplin Award for Best First Feature at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

In a TV directing career spanning 30 years, workplace dramas include Mr Selfridge, The Mill and BAFTA-nominated Dockers (the story of their strike dramatised by a writers group of sacked Liverpool dockers, executive produced by their union for Channel 4); historical epics include Daniel Craig in Sword of Honour and Alex Kingston in Boudica (co- produced by MediaPro Studios and shot in Romania in 2002); detective dramas include the pilot of Lewis and writing and directing RTS and Prix Italia-nominated Guardians.

In stark contrast to his work on Spooks and Dr Who, Abrams Press have just published Bill’s first work of prose The Idle Beekeeper, a book about empathy (and raising bees).



ExCo co-opted Member

Swedish Film Directors, Sweden

Film director and scriptwriter, travels between Paris and Stockholm. At the moment, she’s working with a documentary shot in Mali and a short film about a guinea pig that disappeared in a parachute.



ExCo co-opted Member

DHFR / Croatian Film Directors’ Guild, Croatia

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Hrvoje Hribar graduated in film directing from ADU (Academy of Dramatic Arts) in Zagreb. He has worked as a first assistant director, screenwriter, radio playwright, cook and essayist, contributing to the Croatian film Encyclopedia, Radio 101, Novi Prolog and Gordogan. He produced and directed the comedy What is a Man without a Moustache?, the highest grossing film at Croatian box office in the first decade of the Century, which was shown in more than 30 international film festivals. Prior to that, he also wrote, directed and produced two documentaries (The World is Great and Once there was a Man), as well as his first feature The Tranquilizer Gun. As a director and a scriptwriter, Hrvoje is also the author of Croatian Cathedrals (television film produced by HRT, Croatian public broadcaster) and the short film Between Zaghlul & Zaharias (produced by Tuna-film).

In 2001, he directed the TV series New Age for Croatian Radio-television (HRT). He was awarded the Oktavijan (Best Croatian film of the year) several times (for the feature Tranquiliser Gun, the documentary Once there was the man and the short Between Z&Z). Since November 2010, Hrvoje has been serving as a member of the Executive Committee of FERA. In September 2010 he was appointed Chief Executive of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the main audiovisual agency in Croatia, which he left February 2017.


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ExCo Member

Groupe 25 Images, France

Former student at Femis, Lou co-wrote and directed four TV fictions, and a TV web series in 2011. In parallel of her filmmaker career, she teaches script writing and filmmaking at University. In 2017, Lou wrote and directed her first feature film Curiosa (produced by Curiosa Films, Olivier Delbosc, Canal +, l’Avance sur Recette, and distributed by Memento Films – release early 2019), with Noémie Merlant, Niels Schneider, Benjamin Lavernhe, Camélia Jordana, Amira Casar…).


Alberto SIMONE

ExCo co-opted Member

100autori, Italy


Alberto Simone is an established multi-award winner film writer, director and producer whose solid career spans more than 20 years within the world of Entertainment including Theater, Music, Television, Advertising, Documentary and Cinema. His first movie “Colpo di Luna (Moon Shadow) was selected in competition at the 45th Berlin Film Festival, winning the “Jury Special Mention”. It also won the “Golden Globe of Foreing Press in Italy” for ‘Best Italian Director’ as well as other International Awards among which the “Coupe o Cour du Jury” at the Paris Film Festival in 1996.

Afterwards, he realised some of the most successful TV Movies and TV Series of the last years winning a number of awards and nominations. 

In 2016 he wrote “The Italian Recipe” a film specifically conceived for the China market. The Script received the First Prize by Italian Culture Ministry and it will be the next official co-production between Italy and China. Afterwords, the movie happened to be the first official Italian Chinese co-production.

In 2017 he wrote a new original TV Series “Sins”, a very provocative and outrageous TV Series about secret and guilt that will be developed and produced in Canada in 2020.

In 2018 and 2019 he wrote and published 2 books in Italy, become Best Sellers. Along with a script for the US market “A family Flaw”, US remake of is previous Italian TV movie “Un difetto di famiglia”.

In 2020 the shooting of The Italian Recipe, directed by Chinese director Zuxin Huo, started in Italy and will be completed in China in March 2020.

in the meantime, the US production “Salome” started the development of his screenplay  “A family Flaw“.



ExCo Member

Danish Film Directors, Denmark

Early award-winning shorts screened at prestigious festivals (Sundance, New Directors/New Films, Berlin, Rotterdam) and earned her twice the EFA Best Short Film nomination, as well as awards at Berlin, Rotterdam, Melbourne IFF, Stockholm IFF, Dokufest and Danish Academy Award for Best Documentary for Out of Love. Her debut feature, Room 304 premiered internationally in the main competition at Karlovy Vary IFF, where it was awarded for the score and was released in cinemas across the country. She is also the co-writer on the feature film, The Idealist (dir. Christina Rosendahl).

Stærmose has in 2015 directed three episodes of the Danish TV2 drama series Norskov airing in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the UK, the Benelux countries and the US. Her second feature, Darling, a drama set in the Royal Danish Ballet written by Kim Fupz Aakeson and produced by Peter Ålbæk of Zentropa Productions starring Danica Curcic, Gustaf Skarsgård and Ulrich Thomsen screened in Danish cinemas during the fall of 2017 and had its international world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival 2017. Danica Curcic was nominated as best actress by the Danish Film Academy as well as for the Bodil awarded by the Danish Film Critics.

Stærmose has directed the first two episodes of the international Starz mini-series The Spanish Princess, a period drama about Catherine of Aragon’s arrival to England in 1501. The series was released globally in May of 2019. She is currently lead director on the Julian Fellowes (Downton Abby) Netflix show The English Game – a period drama about the origins of professional football to be released as a Netflix Original Series in 2020.

Stærmose has been on the board of Danish Film Directors for over 10 years, and she is on her second term as FERA EC member.



ExCo Member 

AG DOK, Germany

C. Cay Wesnigk studied visual communication at the University of Arts in Hamburg. 1987 he founded the CCW Counter Clockwise Filmproduktion. Since then he has written, directed and/or produced several feature length and short films. These have all been shown on television, some also have been distributed in cinemas and some also in the video home market. Most of Wesnigks films have been shown and some even have been awarded on festivals all over the world. You can find a list of his films, as well as trailers and downloads and more information on his workhttp://www.onlinefilm.org/en_EN/community/4878

In 2000, together with 120 other producers, directors and authors he founded the OnlineFILM AG as a public company to use digital technologies for the distribution of audiovisual content. He has worked as CEO of OnlineFILM AG since then, today over 800 films are available to be purchased for download and stream internationally (www.onlinefilm.org).

Wesnigk is active member on the board of AG DOK, Germany’s largest community of independent directors and producers (900 members) (www.agdok.de). And also, board member of VG Bild-Kunst, the German collecting agency for creative Artists and Producers of films (www.bild-kunst.de). In 2008 together with Volker Barth he founded AnthroMedia GbR a company to produce documentaries on science, society and history ( www.anthro-media.com). Through  the production of two feature lenght compilation films ( topic nazi Germany and east Germany) and several  DocuFiction movies on the ealry west Germany he has started a collection of Amateur fims and has amassed a collection that spans form the late 1920s till the late 1980s. With his company “CCW Fim Archive” he offers this material to be used in new films or as research material for historic films.

In 2019 he produced the Film “SAZ – the key of trust” by newcomer director Stephan Talneau. It premiered in April at the Istanbul Filmfestival and is curently in the festival circuit and seeking distribution. The TV Version was broadcasted on ARTE in April 2019.

Films by C. Cay Wesnigk (Selection): VERGESSEN SIE ́S (Spielfilm, ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel 1987); VIER WÄNDE, EINE DEUTSCHE EINHEIT (Dokumentarspiel, 1990, mit Dominique Horowitz, Glashaus – Preis der IG-Medien; KINDER, KADER, KOMMANDEURE (Kompilationsfilm, 1991/92, Idee / Produktion, Regie: Wolfgang Kissel); IM BUS, IN DER FUSSGÄNGERZONE, IN DER KNEIPE, IM ZUG (Kinospots gegen Rassismus und Gewalt, 1993- 97, Buch / Regie); LUX ET UMBRA (Experimentalfilm, 1996, mit Adolf Bollmann); KÖNNTEN SIE SICH VORSTELLEN (1997, Kurzfilm); GLETSCHER – FIEBERTHERMOMETER DER ERDE (wissenschaftliches Feature, ARTE/NDR 1997); DAS VERMÄCHTNIS DES JENS KLIPPER (mit Adolf Bollmann, Kurzfilm, 1998); BALL-SPIEL (Kinder- Kurzfilm, Regie, ZDF 1998); ANTONIA LÄSST SICH OHRLÖCHER SCHIEßEN (Kinder- Kurzfilm, Regie, ZDF 2000); CARL F.W. BORGWARD, AUFSTIEG UND FALL EINES AUTOKÖNIGS Regie (Buch Jörg Komorowski, Dokumentarspiel ARD/NDR 2001); HITLERS HITPARADE, Produktion, (Regie Oliver Axer und Susanne Benze) Kompilationsfilm, ZDF ARTE 2004, Premiere IDFA 2003, Grimme Preis 2004; DIE ERBEN, Coproduktion mit Allcom Film und AV GmbH 4 teilige Serie mit Filmen über Gloria von Thurn und Taxis (Buch u. Regie, Christian Weisenborn),.Christina Onassis, Buch u. Regie Andrea Morgenthaler) Hubert Burda (Buch u. Regie Kathrin Pitterling) und Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips (Buch Jörg Komorowski, Regie C. Cay Wesnigk) für NDR/ ARD 2007; SAZ – the Key of Trust (directed by Stephan Talneau, produced by C. Cay Wesnigk) for Anthro Media and ARTE/ZDF 2019 FESTIVALTEILNAHMEN: (Selection) Berlinale , Hamburg , Dresden, Leipzig Saarbrücken , St.Petersburg , Hiroshima Bratislava ,Chikago ,Hyderabad IDFA Amsterdam, Istanbul FF Preise: Diverse Prädikate “Besonders Wertvoll”; Glashauspreis der IG Medien für “VIER WÄNDE ” mit dem Autoren Rainer Jogschies; Ernst Schneider Preis für Wirtschaftsjournalisten 2003 für “Carl F. W. Borgward- Aufstieg und Fall eines Autokönigs” zusammen mit dem Autoren Jörg Komorowski; Grimme Preis 2004 für die Produktion Hitlers Hitparade.



ExCo Member 

Dutch Directors Guild, The Netherlands

Martijn Winkler (1978) is a writer, director and digital creative, working at the intersection of online, cross media and linear audiovisual storytelling since 2003. International and prize- winning productions (including a Rose d’Or, Webby Award and EMEA SABRE Award), often with an innovative and/or online component.

Shorts, web series, drama series, documentaries and features. Former board member and chairman of the Dutch Directors Guild for 7 years, currently board member of FERA, member of ADCN, EFA and on the Advisory Board of the VU University Amsterdam, department of Arts and Cultural Sciences.





Originally from Paris, France, Pauline has worked in film distribution and international sales. She joined FERA from her previous position as Deputy Manager in charge of European Affairs at La Société des réalisateurs de films (SRF), where she worked for five years. She is the Chief Executive of FERA since February 2014.



Office & Communications Manager

Originally from northern Romania, Lenuţa is currently based in Brussels and works as FERA Communications and Office Manager. She started working at FERA in 2018. She has previously worked as DG COMM Schuman Trainee at the EU Parliament, as well as in various international film festivals. Lenuța is passionate about cinema, art and media, and holds an MA in Cinema Studies from Stockholm University.