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What is FERA?

The Federation of European Film Directors (FERA), founded in 1980, is the only organisation representing film & TV directors at the European level. With 48 directors associations as members from 35 countries, we speak for more than 20,000 European screen directors, representing their cultural, creative and economic interests at the national and European level. FERA works to promote policies that maximize the creative, social and commercial potential of the audiovisual industry.

What is a director?

A director is both an author and a skilled independent professional technician, at the heart of the creative process and responsible for overseeing its realisation. To build a sustainable professional career, these key individuals whose creativity is at the heart of the audiovisual production process must be properly rewarded.

It is the director who, as creative leader, brings a singular vision to a film, a vision that begins from the original idea and continues right through the production process, from the first stage of writing the script to the editing stage, adapting to the requirements of a process that can last over significant periods of time – on some films, several years.

We conceive stories for the screen. Working alongside our co-authors, screenwriters, composers, we develop the script into a visual story, directing the camera and actors to visualise the screenplay, commissioning music and supervising the edit and sound design to create the finished work or film.

Making those stories captivating for the audience in front of the screen, whatever their subject and form, is a craft and requires a very specific skillset. In our audiovisual industry, it also takes significant amounts of time and money. This is our authorship as filmmakers, a decisive part of the creative process that is appropriately recognized in the law of copyright.

Directors are already at the forefront of changes brought about by digital technology – and in many case leading those changes. They have embraced the changes to camera technology, to editing, and the possibilities of new distribution through internet platforms. They have used new digital technology to operate in ways that are leaner and faster, often taking the camera to places it hasn’t been seen before, telling new kinds of stories in different ways. And their creative leadership has been decisive in the digital effects (CGI) revolution, with all the possibilities for integrating live action and computer-generated imagery.


Federation of European Film Directors / Fédération Européenne des Réalisateurs de l’Audiovisuel

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