30 Mar 2010

It is with great concern that SRF learnt about the arrest of our Iranian colleague Jafar Panahi.

Our colleague has been arrested for the second time since his first imprisonment last July, due to his involvement in the ceremonies paying homage to the deceased protesters of the June 2009 demonstrations.

The author of The White Balloon, The Circle and more recently of Offside was then banned from travelling and therefore could not participate to the Berlin International Film Festival, where a tribute was to be paid to his work. As a major director, as well as an artist committed to democracy, we wish to assure Jafar Panahi of the support of the French film directors’ community.

We request our government, and in particular to the Minister of Culture and Communication, to do everything in their power to ensure the release of Jafar Panahi and his family.

You can sign the petition asking for the immediate release of Jafar Panahi on SRF website: http://www.la-srf.fr/index.php?tpl=petitions&cat_code=PET&doc_courant_id=3069