13 Nov 2009

The European Library Initiative: the stakeholders’ perspectives (September 2007)

The Audiovisual Authors’ Perspective by Cécile Despringre

FERA is a federation of 32 national associations of directors in 28 European countries which represents the rights of European directors and defends the cultural significance of Audiovisual works.

Introductory remarks

As it has already been pointed out, the report on Digital Preservation, Orphan Works and Out of print Works prepared by the Copyright subgroup of the high level experts group on digital libraries identifies and focuses on issues relevant to the book sector and proposes agreed solutions between rights holders and cultural institutions.

The item related to digital preservation mentions the specific needs and requirements of the cinematographic and audiovisual works and proposes to deal with it as a “second basket” of measures. Then, this seminar of today appears to be the starting point of a new process towards this second basket, trying to identify which solutions elaborated for the book sector can be used in other sectors and which further adaptations and discussions are needed.

I won’t come back to orphan works, which has been extensively discussed this morning, but I will concentrate on the issue of out of print/commerce works in relation to the cinematographic and audiovisual works.

Full document available at:

Digital Librairies initiative September 2007