12 Nov 2009

Stakeholder Consultation on Copyright Levies (July 2006)

FERA is a network of over thirty European directors’ organisations lobbying on issues of major importance in the creation and promotion of audiovisual works. FERA’s mission is to enhance the recognition of the cultural significance of audiovisual works and to defend their integrity in 21st century Europe. The director, as the primary creator in a collaborative artistic process, has the final responsibility for the aesthetic cohesion and integrity of the work. FERA regards safeguarding the craft, artistry and the creative rights of the director, moral and economic, as essential to diversity within audiovisual culture.

As the representative of European Film Directors, FERA would like to comment on the consultation document prepared by the European Commission regarding private copying remuneration and thereby contribute to a better representation of the interests at stake on this issue. The consultation document seems indeed to adopt the complaints of the ICT industry regarding the private copying remuneration, as the starting point of its work without taking into account in its analysis the benefits of the system for both consumers and right holders, especially authors.

Full document available at:

FERA position private copying July 2006