17 févr. 2010

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« Imagining Cinema in the Digital Age: Creativity and New Ways of Distribution »

European Parliament, 28 January 2010

Under the patronage of:

Helga Trupel (Vice-chairwoman of the Committee on Culture and Education)

Isabelle Durant (Vice-president of the European Parliament)

Audience 1

The First Panel: The impact of digital revolution on creativity and on the aesthetic of cinema

From the left: Ben Stassen (film director), Chantal Richard (film director), Pater Carpentier (FERA), Wendy Everett (University of Bath), and Fridrik Thor Fridrikkson (film director)

Photo 05

Photo 23

First panel

Photo 24

Photo 18

Photo 07

Chantal Richard

Photo 19

W Everett

F Fridricksson

The Second Panel: The challanges of digital cinemas and online distribution. Authors’ rights and fair remuneration.

From the left: Aviva Silver (MEDIA Programme), Cay Wesnigk (Online Film), Gerhard Pfennig (Bild-Kunst), Patrice Vivancos (moderator), Cecile Despingre (SAA), and Michel Peters (Content Republic)

Photo 34

II Panel: The challanges of digital cinemas and online distribution. Authors' rights and fair remuneration

II Panel and audience

A. Silver and C. Wesnigk

C. Wesnigk and G. Pfennig

C. Despringre and M. Peters

A Silver

Photo 41

G Pfennig

C Despringre

M Peters

The Open Debate

Moderated by the representatives of FERA Peter Carpentier, Ger Poppelaards and Elisabeth O. Sjaastad (CEO)

Conclusion by Helga Trupel MEP

P. Carpentier, E. Sjaastad and G. Poppelaars

Peter Carpentier, Elisabeth Sjaastad and Ger Poppelaars

F. Fridriksson and M. Peters

Audience 2

Open debate Conclusions

Helga Trupel MEP

Interviews with some of the Speakers of the FERA Conference are available on Cineuropa website at:


These include interviews with Helga Trupel MEP (Vice-chairwoman of the Committee on culture and Education), Isabelle Durant MEP (Vice-president of the European Parliament), Peter Carpentier (director and FERA Vice-president), Ben Stassen (3D Film director), Wendy Everett (University of Bath, UK) and Fridrik Fridrikkson (Film director).