11 Mar 2020

On March 6, FERA member Groupe 25 images and FERA organized a workshop on the implementation of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, with a focus on the provisions related to audiovisual authors’ rights and remuneration.

The workshop participants discussed how to make the most of the new legal framework in order to obtain fair remuneration for the exploitation of directors’ works on global streaming platforms, as well as the results of the “European Survey on the Remuneration of Audiovisual Authors”.*

Participants included FERA board members Elisabet Gustafsson and Lou Jeunet, FERA CEO Pauline Durand-Vialle, Groupe 25 Images President Claire de la Rochefoucauld, Vice President Laurent Jaoui, Secretary General Dominique Attal, and former FERA board member Christophe Andrei.

On March 10, FERA CEO Pauline Durand-Vialle spoke on a panel at a Groupe 25 images event involving French producers’ organizations discussing the wide-ranging issues raised by the French audiovisual legislation draft transposing both the Copyright and the AVMS Directives: contractual and professional relationships between directors, producers and screenwriters, the rise of global streaming platforms in local markets, their predatory approach of intellectual property and the introduction of stimulating new working methods.



* Research commissioned by BVR Services GmbH from CuDOS at University of Ghent on behalf of FERA – Federation of European Film Directors and FSE – Federation of Screenwriters in Europe, with the financial support of AIPA, ALCS, VG Bild Kunst, LIRA, Norsk Filmforbund, SAA, SACD, SGAE, SSA.


Download the PDF version of the report here.