31 Jan 2020

The first FERA board meeting of 2020 took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 27-28 of January 2020, and was hosted by FERA local member organization, Danish Film Directors (DFD). As the first board meeting of 2020, it set the tone and priorities for FERA in the upcoming year.

FERA delegation met with the board of DFD. The meeting included a panel debate on Public service under pressure with board member Hrvoje Hribar, Chair Klemen Dvornik and CEO Pauline Durand-Vialle, moderated by DFD Chairwoman Christina Rosendahl, as well as presentations of Directors UK’s Guidelines for Directing Nudity and Simulated Sex by board member Bill Anderson, and #MeToo recent developments in France by board member Lou Jeunet.

FERA also met with Create Denmark, a collaborative initiative among various stakeholders in the audiovisual industry in Denmark established as a reaction to the challenges put forth by global streaming services. The meeting included a presentation of the initiative and its work by CEO Kasper Halkier, DFD Chairwoman Christina Rosendahl, DFD Secretary General Sandra Anne Piras and DFD Head of Legal Christine Vestergård Hüttel, and a Roundtable session on current developments and challenges in the relationship with global streaming services in various EU Member States.

FERA’s time in Copenhagen provided an opportunity for exchange and inspiration on working together to face the challenges and opportunities which lay ahead for European film and TV directors as the audiovisual industry in Europe is rapidly changing.

Download the PDF version of the Report here.