13 Nov 2009

Public Consultation on Content Online in the Single Market (October 2006)

Executive Summary

Directors support the development of VOD services in order to achieve a sustainable business online for films that is able to offer a credible alternative to piracy for the audience. The conditions of the support of directors to this business is that it integrates intellectual property rights as a basis and elaborates revenue sharing mechanisms for all rights holders, especially audiovisual authors.

At the European level, directors would like to see five types of encouragement for creative online content:

1. Protection of the level of investment in audiovisual production, along with the artistic and cultural integrity of the work, from the new players in the audiovisual online services. Much of the current investment is provided by terrestrial broadcasters. Reduced budgets would lead to reduced quality;

2. A guaranty of remuneration for authors when their works are used in order to associate them to the success of these new media;

3. Mechanisms that promote European works on those services through the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (article 3f) in order to guarantee the presence and the continued production of European works online.

4. An enhanced respect for authors’ rights through awareness and education campaigns throughout Europe and support for more cooperation between all stakeholders online to fight against piracy.

5. Development of digital standards for embedding rights payments in digital distribution.

Full document available at:

FERA contribution to Content Online Consultation October 2006