13 Nov 2009

Proposal for a Directive on the Audiovisual Media Services (July 2006)

FERA is a network of over thirty European directors’ organisations lobbying on issues of major importance in the creation and promotion of audiovisual works. FERA’s mission is to enhance the recognition of the cultural significance of audiovisual works and to defend their integrity in 21st century Europe. The director, as the primary creator in a collaborative artistic process, has the final responsibility for the aesthetic cohesion and integrity of the work. FERA regards safeguarding the craft, artistry and the creative rights of the director, moral and economic, as essential to diversity within audiovisual culture.

As the representative of European Film Directors, FERA welcomes the European Commission draft proposal of December 13, 2005 that revises the Television Without Frontiers Directive. In deed, after years of discussion, the review of that Directive was an urgent need because of the rapid changes in the forms of distribution of works and the development of new audiovisual medias services, especially online services.

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FERA Position TWF final July 2006