13 nov. 2009

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Private copying: rightholders greet the European Commission’s decision to give time for reflection

On Thursday, 14 December the Commission confirmed its decision to defer the adoption of a draft recommendation on private copying.

On behalf of the artistic and creative community and the content industry, the “Culture first!” Coalition expresses its relief and appreciates the soundness of the Commission’s option not to adopt hastily a recommendation that would have jeopardized current remuneration systems for private copying.

We salute the Commission’s determination to address intellectual property and cultural issues with all appropriate consideration and proper debates, as also appears in the EU prompt ratification of the UNESCO Convention on cultural diversity.

We recognize its independence of action towards hard pushing industries that praised the pure and simple substitution of current systems by lockers – the so called ‘technical protection measures’, which efficiency remains questionable – to be put on every music, film or other creative content with the aim of preventing users from making copies of them.

Remuneration for private copying entails no significant extra costs for the hardware industry that markets copy-enabling equipment or media and makes high profits from these sales. Crucially, in exchange of a legitimate top-up to the income of rightholders, it enables consumers to make copies for their private use.

It is currently the only mechanism that allows the creative sector to be compensated for the widespread copying of their works for domestic use.

The “Culture First!” Coalition

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Press Release Culture First December 2006