8 Mar 2018

FERA supports FERA Norwegian members (Norwegian Film Makers Association and the Directors guild of Norway), Norwegian trade union and organizations in their initiative to call on Norwegian Members of Parliament to remove paragraph 71 (proposal of an extended “work-for-hire” clause) from the new Norwegian copyright law, as well as to strengthen paragraph 69 (unwaivable right to equitable remuneration for the use of the work during the whole protection period of the law).

As paragraph 71’s extended “work-for-hire” clause would significantly weaken the position of Norwegian film and TV directors, it is crucial that Norwegian MPs ensure the security of authors’ ownership of their work and therefore delete paragraph 71 in the new Norwegian Copyright legislation currently being discussed.

In this respect and in order to provide with additional help and support outside Norway, FERA wrote a letter to Norwegian MPs, which you can read here:

FERA letter to Norwegian MPs