16 Nov 2019

Founded in 1980, the Federation of European Film and TV Directors (FERA) represents the independent voice of European film and TV directors in Brussels. With 46 organizations asmembers from 34 countries, it speaks for more than 20,000 European film and TV directors, representing their cultural, creative and economic interests at national and EU level.

As a strong advocate for filmmakers artistic freedom, our organisation hereby extends its full support the Croatian filmmakers’ campaign I’D LIKE TO WATCH THAT – HRT SAYS – NYET! initiated in July 2019, raising the alarm at public service broadcaster HRT’s failure to fulfill its obligations regarding the promotion of European audiovisual works.

Urgent action is needed by the Croatian authorities to address a situation which has reportedly significantly degraded over the last few years and reached a critical point in terms of freedom of speech, artistic freedom and cultural diversity – essential cornerstones of a well-functioning democracy.

We stand by you in these difficult times and will report on the situation with the relevant European institutions.

Read and download the PDF version of Letter of Support here.