20 Aug 2020

FERA member Directors UK launches “Intimacy in the Time of COVID-19”, an update to the previously published guidelines for “Directing Nudity and Simulated Sex” in November 2019.

FERA and Directors UK board member Bill Anderson said:“During the COVID-19 lockdown, audiences consumed content like never before. We need to restart filming to continue to deliver the vivid and wide-ranging content that audiences value. Directors have a pivotal role to play in ensuring the film and TV industry restarts as safely as possible. Now more than ever we need to delight audiences hungry for the intimacy of connection, and contribute to a creative culture that has proven so valuable to us all during this pandemic.”

Read and download “Intimacy in the Time of COVId-19” here.

Read and download “Directing Nudity and Simulated Sex” here.

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