25 Mar 2020

The European Audiovisual Observatory, whose Advisory Committee FERA is a member of, has recently published new reports available for free access:


  1. New free report on the theatrical circulation of European films outside Europe in 2018


This study by the European Audiovisual Observatory looks at the volume and the theatrical performance of European films in 15 non-European sample markets, including North America, six Latin American markets, five Asian markets, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Download it here:



  1. New free report on the visibility of audiovisual works on TVOD


The European Audiovisual Observatory has just released its analysis of the promotion of films and TV content by 52 TVOD services in 7 European countries. This report looks at the origin of content promoted, the intensity and concentration of promotion, the relative share of films and TV content.

Download it here:



  1. New free report on the Production of TV fiction in Europe


The European Audiovisual Observatory has released its latest figures on the production of TV and streaming fiction in Europe. This new report finds that, over 1 000 titles and 13 000 hours of audiovisual fiction were produced in the EU in 2018.

Download it here:


Download the PDF version of the text here.

Photo ©: European Audiovisual Observatory