4 Jul 2019

ARTSCENICO, the European Federation for Costume & Production Design, was founded after 3 years of debates and a final meeting in Berlin in November 2018 of 27 artists from 11 countries, speaking on behalf of 13 organisations representing costume and production design professionals in Europe.



*to create a professional network to meet and exchange at a European level

*to promote our professions and defend our rights and accomplishments

*to support our crafts and tools and create a vivid exchange with educational institutions

*to create European activities and publications to make our professions more visible

*to exchange and collaborate with FERA, IMAGO, OISTAT and similar initiatives on common projects

*to support initiatives towards race-, gender- and pay-equality and to fight against any form of abuse in the audiovisual industry

*to support initiatives to reduce the environmental impacts of filming productions


ARTSCENICO’s Board Members:

Alexandra Maringer (AT) – President

Michel Barthelemy (FR) + Anna Lombardi (IT) – Vice- presidents

Chloé Cambournac (FR) + Maximilian Lange (DE) –  Secretaries

Olivier Meidinger (DE) + Laurent Teyserre (FR) – Treasurers

Sarah-Maria Fritsche (DE), Laure Lepelley Monbillard (FR), Kirsi Manninen (FI), Marta Fenollar (ES).


ARTSCENICO’s Founding Members:

AAPEE – Asociación des Artistas Plásticos Escénicos de Españia – Spain

ADC – Association des Chefs Décorateurs de Cinéma – France

AFCCA – Association Française des Costumiers du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel – France

APCEN – Associação Portuguesa de Cenografia – Portugal

ASC – Associazione di categoria professionale Scenografi, Costumisti e Arredatori – Italy

BFDG – British Film Designers Guild – Great Britain

DS – Danske Scenografer – Denmark

MAD – Métiers Associés du Décor – France

SSFV – Schweizer Syndikat Film und Video – Switzerland

TEME LP – Theatre, Film and Television Designers – Finland

VdRSD – Verband der Requisiteure und Set Decorator – Germany

VSK- Verband der Berufsgruppen Szenenbild und Kostümbild – Germany

VÖF – Verband Österreichischer FilmausstatterInnen – Austria

July 4, 2019

Download the PDF version of the text here.