2 Mar 2010

Jafar Panahi The Federation of European Film Directors strongly condemns the reported arrest of Iranian Film director Jafar Panahi and his family Monday evening.

This disgraceful attempt at silencing a fellow film director is a blatant violation of fundamental human rights and speaks to the oppressive nature of the current Iranian regime. We condemn the arrest of Panahi in the strongest terms.

Freedom of expression and debate are core values of every enlightened society and should be welcomed by any political leadership that claims to represent its people.

Mr Panahi is one of the leading voices of modern Iranian cinema. His social realistic films are internationally acclaimed, winning the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for his debut feature The White Balloon, the Golden Lion award for The Circle at the Venice Film Festival and the Silver Bear at the Berlinale for Offside – films that are all banned in Iran.

European film directors are deeply concerned for the safety and well being of our Iranian colleague and his family and call for their immediate release.


The French Society of Film Directors SRF started a petion to ask for the immediate release of Jafar Panahi. You can sign the petition on SRF website: http://www.la-srf.fr/index.php?tpl=petitions&cat_code=PET&doc_courant_id=3069>