20 janv. 2010

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FERA Conference 28 January 2010

Imagining Cinema in the Digital Age: Creativity and New Ways of Distribution

European Parliament, Paul Henri Spaak Building, 7th Floor, Room 7C050

Registration starts at 8:45 on the gorund floor of the Paul Henri Spaak Building in Rue Wiertz 60


FERA – the Federation of European Film Directors representing 36 professionals’ organisations in 29 countries – is organising a conference on 28 January at the European Parliament in Brussels.

European audiovisual directors, experts in the audiovisual field and members of Parliament and the European Commission will exchange views on topics such as the role of film directors in the digital age, new technologies – new opportunities for production and distribution, and how to promote creativity and secure the necessary financial support in a changing audiovisual “ecosystem”.

FERA wants to give centre stage to European directors’ unique perspective as the films’ creators. Audiovisual directors are storytellers in the most cost intensive form of art: the moving image. Their chosen form of expression also makes it possible to communicate and share their stories with millions of people. The human experience portrayed in audiovisual works represents a universal language that transforms the “them and us” into “you and me” and strengthens the European “we”.

Europe must invest in the creativity behind the content, not just in the technology. The European institutions should take bold steps to strengthen the position of creators in order to ensure them the means to live from the product of their labour as a basis for further creative production  – a goal surely in the interests of audiences and society as a whole.

The European Digital Single Market should not only be built for consumers but also for creators. The link between distribution and financing production must be maintained in the digital single market.

There have been format and distribution changes in the past that European directors have adapted well to, and they embrace the development of rich and diverse online video on demand (VOD) services that reflect the current creativity, quality and diversity in European audiovisual works. These services must, however, respect the fundamental rights of the creators of those works if European film is to survive and develop.

For European directors, all online distribution opportunities for their works which respect the artistic integrity of the work and their rights as creators (both moral and economic) are valuable to help them reach new audiences.

FERA hopes that this conference will encourage a continuous dialogue between European directors, other film professionals and the institutions of the EU on audiovisual policy and its impact both at the European and national level.

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