24 Feb 2017

Brussels, February 24 2016

The Federation of European Film Directors has added its voice to that of the Croatian Film-Makers initiative Puk’o nam je film (Stand Up for Croatian Cinema), aiming at protecting Croatian cinematography from political influence and control.

The initiative is a response to the negative result of the HAVC (Croatian Audiovisual Centre) audit conducted by the Croatian State Audit, which lead to the resignation of long-time HAVC director, former FERA Vice-Chair and film director Hrvoje Hribar.

Over 200 leading Croatian film and culture professionals gathered at Cinema Europa for the event held in Zagreb on Feb 21 February in Kino Europa (Cinema Europa), which underlined the importance of the independence of Croatian film, preserving the autonomy of the existing Croatian audiovisual model and continuity of current practices.

MEP (1989-2014) and Former Culture committee President Doris Pack stated in a press release (link) the same day her disappointement ‘in face of the crisis that fell upon the Croatian funding system and its modern audiovisual model (…). It is a well known fact that film making communities of Eastern Europe and their national film funds regard HAVC as a row model and admired blueprint. ’ She reaffirmed that ‘The freedom of artistic expression and cultural diversity of creation are essential values. (…) It seems necessary to put an end to the present crisis, with a clear objective to safeguard the European path of enthusiastic Croatian Cinema, and its ongoing development’.

FERA fully supports the initiative manifesto ‘Stand up for Croatian cinema’, signed to date by more than 700 people, which states the absolute necessity of the independence of the audiovisual support scheme, and the freedom of cultural and artistic expression outlined in Article 69 of the Croatian Constitution.

FERA Chair Dan Clifton commented, ‘The attempt by the Croatian government to interfere with the freedom and independence of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre is of deep concern to all European filmmakers. We wholeheartedly support the actions of the Croatian Directors Guild in defence of our former Vice-Chair Hrvoje Hribar, and call on the Croatian Government to act immediately to implement the demands of the Stand Up for Croatian Cinema initiative’.


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