12 Nov 2009

FERA statement at the Cannes Film Festival European Day (May 2006)

Following the FERA General Assembly in Graz, Austria, last March, where a new Executive Committee was elected and Mrs. Liv Ullmann was confirmed as its President, the European Federation of Film Directors (FERA) has taken a fresh approach to its policy and agenda. A new CEO, Cécile Despringre, former legal advisor to FERA, has been appointed with the mission to restructure FERA’ administration and communication with the directors’ associations that are members, to improve FERA’s image and to enhance political activities on a European wide front.

 The Executive Committee of FERA has identified three issues of priority for 2006: the drafting of the new Directive on Audiovisual Media Services, the concrete implementation of the Media Programme for 2007-2013 and the development of film online to the benefit of European films.

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FERA Statement for Cannes May 2006