10 Nov 2010

50 delegates from the FERA membership gathered in Rome during the weekend of 5 – 7 november for the annual General Assembly. This year marks the 30th anniversary since FERA was founded in Venice, Italy in 1980. During the 3-day event, held in the Fellini studio at legendary Cinecitta Studios in Rome, European film directors discussed issues that affect their creative and economic rights, including a new draft director’s contract and proposals to better cater for the needs of directors in the next edition of the MEDIA programme. The Directors Guild of America was invited to share their experiences and common concerns in a first step towards forging a renewed allliance between European and other directors organisations internationally. Ahead of the General Assembly, FERA President István Szabó reflected on the importance of FERA: With our own European organisation, directors  do not have to be guerillas on a lonely mission in the bush, but it allows us to share experiences and take coordinated action to defend our creative and economic rights and the future of European cinema. The FERA Rome Resolution is available for download here: FERA Rome Resolution (English) and FERA Résolution de Rome (French)