6 Dec 2010

FERA gives its full support to MEDIA programme, and acknowledges its past achievements, but in the next edition European film directors want to see a  new line of support for seed funding specifically aimed at directors, which    the current edition lacks.

In the evaluation report on the current MEDIA Programme, published in June 2010, it is noted that “certain categories of professionals are not targeted, e.g. distributors for training sessions, or even producers who should be considered as „generators of content and supported in their innovation efforts…”

Directors are oddly enough not mentioned in the report, yet it is most of all the director who is the “generator of content” and currently enjoys little, if any, support in their innovation efforts. The report goes on to state that:

All of the MEDIA Desks emphasise the success of support for Development. According to them it meets professionals’ real needs and has contributed to the increasing importance granted to this phase…Notwithstanding its recognised effectiveness, the line is often described, especially by the MEDIA Desks, as „a victim of its success. As it has become extremely competitive, the cost of access is high, while the chances of obtaining support have declined.

With a very modest cost of 9.3 mill.€ (not even the budget of 2 average European films) 300 European directors (10 in each MEDIA country) could receive a 1-year seed funding grant in the amount of 30.000€ to research and develop as artists and challenge themselves creatively. FERA envisages that the national MEDIA desk network could be used to administrate such a grant scheme.

Download the FERA reply to MEDIA