12 Dec 2017

Brussels, December 12 2017


The EU film and TV directors community welcomes the result of the plenary vote on the Broadcasting “SatCab” Regulation today which confirmed the mandate for negotiations drawn up by the Legal Affairs Committee in November.

In its mission as co-legislator, the European Parliament reflects the diversity of European citizens themselves : today, it has ensured the sustainability of the European audiovisual sector’s cultural and linguistic diversity in the digital era by supporting an approach which preserves territorial exclusivity, cornerstone for financing and distribution of European audiovisual works.

We call on the Member States to follow in the EP footsteps in that regard, but also to provide European authors with a sustainable legal framework ensuring their fair remuneration for the retransmission of their works.


Contact : Pauline Durand-Vialle, FERA CEO – pdv@filmdirectors.eu – +32 25 44 03 33


Download the PDF version of the statement here