10 Nov 2010

The Rome General Assembly unanimously re-elected István Szabó as FERA President, who, in a video address to the Assembly, reflected on FERA’s importance:

With our own European organisation, directors do not have to be guerillas fighting alone, but it allows us to share experiences and take coordinated action to defend our creative and economic rights and the future of European cinema.

The Assembly unanimously elected a new Executive Committee:

Piers Haggard (UK)                                                Chairman & Vice-President

Michel Andrieu (France)                                         Vice-President

Gabriel Baur (Switzerland)                                     Vice-President

Håkan Bjerking (Sweden)                                       Honorary Treasurer

Hrvoje Hribar (Croatia)                                           EC Member

Maurizio Sciarra (Italy)                                           EC Member

André F. Nebe (Germany)                                      EC Member

Elisabeth O Sjaastad (Norway) was confirmed as Chief Executive Officer.

LARS (Luxembourg) was confirmed as a new member, and the re-entry of ANAC (Italy) was ratified.