22 Sep 2010

FERA a is utterly dismayed that EuroCinema, who has no authority or legitimacy to represent film directors in Europe, has caused confusion among the Members of the European Parliament by issuing a petition including names of persons who are deceased or who have not given their support to it, in the hours leading up to the plenary vote on the Gallo report this week in Strasbourg.

FERA is in no way associated with this initiative, apparently executed with very poor judgement.

However, those film directors who have in fact chosen to sign this petition are voicing their legitimate concerns over an issue that affects their work and livelihood, and FERA hopes that this incomprehensible blunder by EuroCinema does not divert attention from the important issue at stake, which, also after the positive adoption of the Gallo report, will need to be tackled in a fair and balanced way moving forward.