1 févr. 2010

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“Imagining Cinema in the Digital Age:

 Creativity and New Ways of Distribution”

Press Release – 29 January 2010

FERA – the Federation of European Film Directors representing 37 professionals’ organisations in 29 countries – organised a conference on 28 January at the European Parliament in Brussels called “Imagining Cinema in the Digital Age: Creativity and New Ways of Distribution”.

FERA Conference

European audiovisual directors, experts in the audiovisual field and representatives of the European Parliament and the European Commission had the opportunity of exchanging views on topics such as the role of film directors in the digital age, new technological tools, in particular 3D, and new opportunities for online distribution, as well as how to secure the necessary legal framework and financial support in a changing audiovisual environment.

FERA advocated that Europe must invest in the creativity behind the content, not just in the technology. The European institutions should take bold steps to strengthen the position of creators in order to ensure them the means to live from the product of their labour as a basis for further creative production – a goal surely in the interests of audiences and society as a whole.

For European directors, all online distribution opportunities for their works which respect the artistic integrity of the work and their rights as creators (both moral and economic) are valuable to help them reach new audiences. But in order to secure the continuous production of new audiovisual works, all platforms and service providers that benefit from films should also contribute to finance production in the digital single market.

The conference was hosted under the patronage of Helga Trüpel, Vice-chairwoman of the Committee on Cultural and Education and Isabelle Durant, Vice-president of the European Parliament.

Speakers included Fridrik Thor Fridriksson (film director), Ben Stassen (film director), Chantal Richard (film director), Wendy Everett (University of Bath, UK), Cay Wesnigk (film director, Online Film), Michel Peters (Content Republic), Cecile Despringre (SAA), Gerhard Pfennig (Bild-Kunst), and Aviva Silver (Media Programme).

The conference was supported by:

Bild-Kunst, CNC, The Greens, VEVAM, VDFS, MEDIA Desk France, MEDIA Desk Belgium, TROMB, Cineuropa, WBI, European Audiovisual Observatory, and the Representation of the European Commission in Belgium.

Final Programme available at: FERA Conference Programme

Press Release in PDF available at: FERA Conference PRESS RELEASE

Wendy Everett (University of Bath) speech available at: Wendy Everett Brussels Talks

FERA Conference Video available at: http://www.cineuropa.org/video.aspx?lang=en&documentID=134691