6 Sep 2018

FERA, the Federation of European Film and TV Directors, and IMAGO, the European Federation of Cinematographers, are joining forces to launch an initiative on film workers working conditions. 

The Cultural and Creative industries are a driving force behind value creation in Europe and elsewhere, employing more than twice as many people as the car industry, for instance.

Film workers working conditions have been discussed for decades, but still do not improve, and actually are deteriorating according to recent reports.

Work accidents, sometimes fatal, still happen too often, working hours are often far too high, and too few dare report on serious safety issues.

FERA and IMAGO held a joint event to launch the initiative with Members of the European Parliament in Brussels on September 6, hosted by Evelyn Regner (AT, S&D) and attended by Michael Detjen (DE, S&D), Eugen Freund (AT, S&D) and Julie Ward (UK, S&D).

EU filmmakers working conditions and collective representation as freelancers, as well as possible future related EU policy intiatives were discussed during this first exchange.

It will be followed by two events in 2019 in Vienna and Brussels, in cooperation with Members of the European Parliament.

The aim of this initiative is to network and develop solution-oriented proposals to improve the various existing national systems, in order to shape of related EU policies in the upcoming legislative period.