4 mars 2011

(Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en anglais)

FERA, the Federation of European Film Directors, notes with concern the latest reports on the future of the MEDIA Programme, which in its 20 years of existence has played a crucial role in improving the competitiveness of the audiovisual sector in Europe.

During the Berlin film festival, reports surfaced citing European Commission sources stating that the MEDIA Programme will be « phased out. »



FERA expresses its concern and support for the MEDIA Programme in the  following statement FERA MEDIA Programme Statement

FERA will attend the March 18 public hearing in Brussels which is the next step in the current consultation process in drafting the next edition of the MEDIA programme.

In our contribution to the MEDIA consultation, FERA expressed the need for a new support strand aimed at directors for developing innovative film projects.