27 Nov 2019

Strasbourg, 27 November 2019   On November 27, the European Parliament LUX Film Prize Award […]

22 Nov 2019

The Federation of European Film and TV Directors and the Society of Audiovisual Authors support […]

5 Nov 2019

The special screening of “And Then We Danced” by Levan Akin, was organized by UNIC […]

25 Mar 2019
NEW REPORT First ever EU-wide study finds Audiovisual Authors struggling to make ends meet and to maintain sustainable careers

Until now, no data has been available at EU-level on audiovisual authors’ remuneration. This report […]

1 Nov 2011
FERA Directors’ Contract Guidelines

A set of Directors’ Contract Guidelines that highlights a director’s creative and economic rights, and the problem of ‘buyout contracts’ that oblige many European directors to give away their secondary (re-use) rights to financiers without any royalty payments.