Group photo in the presence of: Michel Barnier, 2nd, Androulla Vassiliou, 4th, and Neelie Kroes, 5th (from left to right)
22 Jan 2014

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Position Paper

20 Jan 2014

FERA answered the public consultation on crowdfunding in the EU and submitted a position paper. ...


19 Nov 2013

IDFA, Dutch Directors Guild, NBF and FERA had the pleasure of hosting an Industry Talk, followed by a Drink Reception in connection with the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam on Friday, 22. November.

16 Jan 2014
No Place for Young Women

Directing is the profession with the biggest gender imbalance in the film industry – all over the world. Despite the fact that in many professional film schools the number of male and female students in the directing department is about even these days, once they complete their education, their professional opportunities seem to be vastly different.

15 Oct 2013
gun for hire picture
Licence to Kill

The Commission has said that it will take a decision in 2014 on whether to table legislative reform proposals. At a time when the volatile transitioning into the digital economy is picking up pace, let’s hope that any such intervention on their part doesn’t prove to be a game of russian roulette for some of the creative sectors involved.

18 Jul 2013
A Thin Red Line

On July 10 the first round of negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US got underway in Washington DC.
And much to our relief, the audiovisual sector is not on the table. The process that got audiovisual services excluded from the negotiating mandate proved messy and high tempered with emotions running high on all sides.

12 Mar 2013
The Trillion Euro Question

In every copyright debate in Brussels, however fierce, there always seems to be a touching consensus that legislation needs to be fair and balanced, and that artists should be paid. But even this basic principle is put to the test when push comes to shove.

23 Nov 2012
The Virtual Reality

In the past months the debate over film release windows – media chronology as the French call it – has intensified.
But even if we’d rather do business as usual, there is no denying that the world around us has changed. The virtual is a reality.