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26 Nov 2014

Film and television are part of people’s daily lives across Europe – but how much ...

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25 Nov 2014

After its June release « Calling for Change for Female Filmmakers », FERA was keen on showcasing ...

7 Aug 2014

FERA, FSE and SAA have put forward 7 areas where the new European Parliament can ...

16 Jan 2014
No Place for Young Women

Directing is the profession with the biggest gender imbalance in the film industry – all over the world. Despite the fact that in many professional film schools the number of male and female students in the directing department is about even these days, once they complete their education, their professional opportunities seem to be vastly different.

15 Oct 2013
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Licence to Kill

The Commission has said that it will take a decision in 2014 on whether to table legislative reform proposals. At a time when the volatile transitioning into the digital economy is picking up pace, let’s hope that any such intervention on their part doesn’t prove to be a game of russian roulette for some of the creative sectors involved.

11 Jun 2013
Asking the Trillion Euro Question

In every copyright debate in Brussels everyone always agrees that legislation needs to be fair ...